Friday, February 3, 2012

brigid's flame

These first days of February are cause for celebration! Brigid's Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, and the groundhog business all occur in this little window. By lighting a candle and being still for a moment, we can take symbolic action to connect with and enliven the Nature energies of this time. Where I live, the light is growing and with its return come the first stirrings of plant life deep in the Earth. Fires are lit in honor of the light's life-giving power and many people invoke Brigid as the guardian of healing, protection, purification, and creativity.

Traditionally, Brigid's crosses for protection are woven now, but I decided to unroll some dye bundles instead.  By candlelight I really couldn't see how they turned out so my first good look was this morning. The red silk had been rolled with a spent amaryllis bloom and the brown wool and cotton rolled with bits of pinecones. Nothing's been ironed or rinsed or anything yet but that amaryllis, wow!

I'm glad I lit my Brigid candle yesterday! A nice blanket of fresh snow feels very purifying though and it really does insulate and protect what lies beneath.

The coming full moon is on February 6 (where I live) so the next Full Moon Art posting will be Wednesday, February 7.  Join me in making Full Moon Art and link in the comments to share your makings or send me your photos! Last month's links are here -- and the drawing down the moon page on the sidebar has a few more photos.

Happy weekending! Stay warm. Or cool! xo

buddha garden


liniecat said...

I love those prayer flags in the snow! so hopeful, so touching. I have a prayer wheel that I bought in Kathmandu ( now theres a place to inspire the soul...and I have stories a plenty about it lol)and it sits even now in my kitchen and I turn it, not daily but, several times a week and I swear it tugs at my heart.
I wonder if we get dafter as we age?)( not that many would notice much difference in me lol) Or are we more likely to touch the inner heart of our souls as we age and get closer to our mortality?
Im going to light a candle this very evening and Bridgid gets my vote too bless her!

Jo said...

I love the wreath within the cauldron within a wreath. (good use for that door wreath!) I lit a candle that wouldn't light.....took 3 matches, me calling Bri-Gid, Bri-Gid, over and over, until suddenly it caught! She had come!

Jeannie said...

The Amaryllis cloth is gorgeous! Mine are blooming and I will find cloth to capture the spent blooms. I have been saving the petals of the poinsettia as they fall to see if they will color cloth. I had never heard of Brigid Day. I learn so much from you- thank you! I hope you are enjoying your white landscape. The prayer flags are beautiful in the snow.

Jacky said...

Oh that amaryllis cloth is beautiful!!! What a gorgeous colour (I will have to google amaryllis now. I love the soft brown tone from the pine cones too. Isnt it amazing the softness of the browns from natural dyeing.
I love Brigid's candle you lit...I love the ceremony of it too. I think Brigid would love that gorgeous cloth.
Made me smile to see those prayer flags outside in the snow. I dont know why, but the word that came to mind was constant.

Have a lovely weekend Peggy and thanks for a beautiful post.

Jacky xox

Nanette said...

I have no words, it's all ...stirring.

Marie said...

Lovely ceremony/celebration.
Unrolling the fabric as part of the ceremony is perfect and Wow that amaryllis dyed fabric is gorgeous!
I love how the snow came after the lighting of the candle...everything is in divine order<3
: )

Nancy said...

Such pretties here! The amaryllis and the snowy prayer flags are especially stunning!

Trish said...

Love your Bridgit's flame...and all that snow.
much love to you.

the wild magnolia said...

a touch of honor
a touch of bliss
a touch of color
a touch of prayer

thank you

Deb G said...

Beautiful ways to be...

woman with wings said...

Oh, thank you everyone for your beautiful sharing. I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! See you. xo