Friday, October 14, 2011

take it further: capiz shell chandelier

Another take it further from last weekend. I feel a little funny showing this -- it is after all in the bathroom. But it hangs over the bathtub and I'm over the moon about future soaks under this capiz shell "chandelier" that my husband gave me last Yule. We're a little slow.

 Before. If you can't say something nice . . .

After. Fits right over the recessed light. On a dimmer, even. I am so ready for cold weather.

Happy weekending! xo


  1. It is a lovely addition to your bathroom. It brings that earth element in....very nice : )


  2. I saw once someone had put a funky-arty "chandelier" in her studio...I been thinking about that lately.
    I love yours, it's great! In the bathroom - great idea! I have similar tile in my place :)

  3. GREAT idea. Love it!

  4. oh, i love it. i have always wanted a chandelier. there was once one made of beach glass in a shop, i stalked it hoping it would come down in price...somewhere i have a snuck photo of it. lucky you. bathe in loveliness!

  5. You do have a fancy bathroom.... how funky to have a chandelier in your bathroom. I am envious!!! Love it!

    Jacky xox

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words on the "chandelier". It's not a showhome bathroom, that's for sure, but I'm liking it pretty much lately. Always fun to tweak things around the house. I wish you each a chandelier of your choice!!

  7. HI Peggy,
    I have been looking for this exact lamp since our vacation in the Bahamas. The house we rented had theirs hanging over the garden tub. It was my FAVORITE lamp in the house. I would appreciate any help you could provide in purchasing it to hang in our home in Indiana.
    Thank you for your time,