Monday, September 12, 2011

in-all-her-fullness moonday

I had never painted anything in my life. A while back, some girlfriends and I went to a sip 'n paint class. It's true. You really do get some painting done while you sip your mimosas. And notice that's plural.

"The moon appeared in all her fullness and so the women stood around the altar."
                                                                                                     ~Sappho of Lesbos

Today is a full moonday in Pisces. The full moon is the time to acknowledge fulfillment in your life. What you began around the new moon in Virgo is now coming to completion. List-maker Virgo kept me on task the past few weeks, I tell you. Tasks were methodically completed and crossed off the lists. The entire outside of our house has been swept of spiderwebs, hosed, and windows washed -- among other things. I'm wondering if maybe this is where the term lunatic comes from because I feel like one. I've been a slave to the list.

Dreamy Pisces energy helps us to retreat a bit so that we can absorb any recent changes and imagine future ones. We might be a little more emotional today and things may seem fuzzy, but our enhanced intuition also makes this a wonderful day to create.

Conditions of the toes and feet are more easily treated under Pisces. At the same time, they may be aggravated, so take care. I have neglected my feet the entire summer even though I had intended to get pedicures, etc. Today will be a good day for a nice herbal foot bath.

I think I'll round up all my lists from the past two weeks and have a little celebration now.


  1. Thank you, Trish -- its message is timeless...xo

  2. We saw the moon rise over the ocean last night -- you never know if there will be clouds! Hope it's even better tonight - I like the idea of thinking of my lists the last 2 weeks, but since I'm Virgo, they are a constant in my life. Just a short one now, taking a Pices breather!

  3. Jo, I've been watching it the last few nights, so beautiful. My mother was a Virgo and she loved to make lists and write things down -- anything and everything. She collected notebooks, journals and pens of all styles and colors.

    I greatly admire your Virgo inclination toward order! I think of you when I make lists cuz I know you make them, too! Yes, you need a breather with Pisces. Pun intended.

  4. a wonderful painting! love that sky. i've been told i should drink more & earlier-ha!
    that "dreamy pisces energy..." sentence is just where my pisces self is at right now.

  5. Sip and paint...that is a new one to me! Love it!...make mine a frozen margarita (smiles).
    Love the painting.
    Why did you choose five women? Just curious.
    I have always liked the number 5 since I was a very small child.
    I need to start doing list...I am not feeling very accomplished lately...just over worked. :/

  6. Your painting speaks to me. Of women gathering and enjoying each other under a moon lit sky. I love it. Sip 'n paint sounds like a fun evening! As a Virgo, I have always made lists, but my Capricorn husband has me beat. I swear he has lists for his lists! Wishing you a beautiful week.

  7. Cindy, thank you! I hear ya. The mimosas loosened me up enough to dip the brush in the paint. I was terrified at the start, truth be told. I hope you had a lovely Piscean day!

  8. Marie, maybe sip 'n paint is just what you need! It's a paint class led by a teacher using basic shapes that, of course, come out original. For someone with any ability, it'd be a breeze, but like I've said before, I'm about zero in that area. Tell me what to draw and how big and what color...! Some of that may be my own past programming. Have never really given myself a chance. I did the five for some of my long-time friends and me. I like fives, too!

  9. Thank you, Jude, and I agree...

  10. Jeannie, thank you. I make light of it because I'm not a painter, but what it represents is deeply meaningful to me and I appreciate that you felt it. Virgo and Capricorn together -- I bet you never ever run out of energy or things to do or interesting places to go together!!

  11. You need to do more painting! I mean lol its lovely and you should more of it as a medium.........Great interpretation of the quote too

  12. Oh, Lyn, you're nice to say that, but really it was fun to do and that's the only way I'd ever do it again -- for fun. The minute I try to "master" something, I lose interest because I'm too self-judgmental, like we all are at times, I suppose. I found the quote after the picture was already done. Love it when random things connect with each other!