Thursday, June 9, 2011

white owl

We had a spray-painting day. This large gray owl had been haunting the basement long enough, awaiting transformation.

Now to find her a place to perch.


Marie said...

I nice modern look.
Once I lived in a magical place that had a white owl that would peer int he window at me. I knew it was special and magical. :)

Anonymous said...

this owl looks, stoic.
my brother hoots back and forth
to owls in his yard late at night...
left you a note at my place :* )

woman with wings said...

Oh, I am so jealous, Marie! That was PURE magic! I've wanted an owl to visit me forever, but it's only happened in my dreams.

woman with wings said...

Cristina, if an owl EVER comes to me, I will remember to hoot. We've tried that with the chickadees, fee-bee-ing back to them. But communicating with an owl would just be awesome!