Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sun chi

Playing with components here, a piece in honor of the sun without which we would not be here. Never would've been and never could be. Like the moon, we take the sun for granted. Until it gets too cold out. Or too hot. Oh then I'm all over it, watching for any sign of a weather pattern change and memorizing the 7-day forecast -- I'm right there watching the sky for you-know-who to either show herself or cover herself with clouds. I'm thinking the extremes are Gaia's way of getting our attention.

(I know the sun is usually referred to as masculine, but everything has both a masculine and feminine side so she's a she to me -- today anyway.)

The little patch of green velvet landed here. The green sunflower and the corner sun will stay but the other bits are still in process.

Have you ever felt your own chi emanating from your solar plexus chakra? Feel it by standing with legs apart, positioning your hands as if you were holding a ball in front of your navel. Breathe deeply to get your chi moving. Your hands may get tingly or warm or pulsate and that's your chi!


Marie said...

So true about the sun and moon. I am with you about the too hot or too cold thing. I look for when it will feel "balanced" again. I do not like extreme heat.

Regarding Chi, I notice when my energy is super low I can feel my Chi or "Miwi" Aboriginal term for the energy that gives a person psychic power),(but I view it as life force energy, feels weak in my solar plexis.
I do not even have to put my hands in front of that area. It just seems to emanate from that area.

Love these new pieces :)

woman with wings said...

Hi Marie -- just made a vow to myself today, well sort of a vow, to experience the summer heat from a state of acceptance. I did that a few years back and it was incredible to go with the heat rather than try to constantly relieve my discomfort...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...and I truly felt that I'd experienced summer. But the last few years have been trying and I've not been in that place of acceptance... So cool that you sense in your 3rd chakra when your chi is weakened -- I need to pay better attention to that now that we're moving into the time of fire and heat!!

deanna7trees said...

like what you did with the green velvet. i see you got over cutting it up. i especially love the corner sun with the different colored rays.

woman with wings said...

Hi Deanna! Yes, that feeling went away, as it usually does when I'm being too cautious and too conservative. Thanks!

joe said...

what tremendous fun! and the sun as feminine is a wondrous diversion from traditional thinking! besides, though the moon is traditionally thought of as feminine, we talk about the "man in the moon".

it seems we get too bogged down with labels and definitions and forget that the moment we try to define something, it changes, as everything does, and is no longer bound by that definition!

this post, and piece, is a wonderful reminder to think outside the box and be open to new perceptions!

thank you and

woman with wings said...

Hi Joe, I've tried about ten times to comment on your flooding post but blogger has a thing going on, I guess! I hope you and your home and your art are safe and well. And yes, the sun goddess and the man in the moon and ? what else? Thank you! xo

Anonymous said...

sun rays moving is a direction.
bringing warmth and light...
i love summer heat: no shoes,
no blanket on the bed, short sleeve
shirts and on...
just wish our southwest drought
would ease up with a few days of rain.

woman with wings said...

Hi Cristina -- I couldn't comment on your blog either, has anyone else besides Marie and me had problems leaving comments? Anyway, Cristina, the photo on your last blog post says it all!
Yes, sunrays! . . . we're inching up to the 90's here in CO -- I hope you get rain, too, fingers crossed. And toes and eyes but I can't do it for long!