Monday, April 18, 2011

moonday spiral

                                                                                                 long cloth sampler

How is this Spring different and how I am different? At the beginning of each new season, I ask and  answer this question. Not to judge if things are better or worse, not to plan how to improve a situation or my life --just to take notice from the present perspective.

It reminds me that my life journey is like a spiral. I feel a sense of returning to an oh-so-familiar point that's slightly different now -- because of what I've learned and experienced, and how I've grown and changed.

The newly-stitched spiral up there resonates with me. I think most of us feel a resonance with the spiral because it's everywhere, from our DNA to the center of a sunflower to the very galaxy we live in.

Today is moonday, the second day of the still-full moon under the sign of Scorpio. I call it a still-full moon because the effects of a moon phase are often felt for a few days before and after. So this is still a time of fulfillment and fruition and, maybe more importantly, acknowledging those accomplishments.

Scorpio's day qualities are cool and moist, sounds like Spring to me. Scorpio affects the health of the sexual organs and the urinary tract, making it a good time to treat conditions of those body systems. It takes us deeper emotionally and mentally, and can cause us to feel ill at ease, unsettled -- a hot bath  may be especially calming at the end of a Scorpio day. I can always recognize Scorpio days by the way I feel, often more comfortable with solitary work or activities like gardening or reading.



  1. Hi Peggy...Oh, your sampler came out it. The spiral also fascinates me. By the way do you have the book "The Mystic Spiral" by Jill Purce? One of my favourite references for spirals.

  2. Penny -- thank you! -- I don't have that book but will definitely check it out -- sounds wonderful.

  3. This is one scorpio whose been 'topside up and bottom side down' for a while now.........and yet the moon always looks magical to me.
    Think Im yearning for something new but haventy worked out what it might be yet...may buy more wine to help me think, and maybe dye with it too lolol
    Love the pansy with its reminds me of a kite somehow!

  4. Lyn, thanks -- it does have a bit of a kite feeling, I agree.

    Yearning for something is the half of it, yes? I'm having wine tonight -- a glass in about two minutes at 5:00 PM. I'll raise a toast to whatever new thing lies ahead for you. Cheers to you, Lyn!

  5. I like the idea of reflecting to the previous year (or years) on this place on the Wheel. I think I'll go dig up a journal and start writing something for each season. Yes, I could go back to my daily journals and read, but I think looking at it from a larger perspective would be interesting. On our drive home from New Orleans, we were thinking, last spring, the year before, the year before....

  6. Jo, for me if I approach it as a meditative process, a floodgate opens. You won't need to look back at the past through journals -- answers just arise and the words flow. As they always do when a question is asked in stillness, yes?